Soundfield Systems

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SoundField systems assist:

  • children with mild hearing loss

  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder

  • the teacher’s voice

  • numerous behavioral disabilities

  • the majority of children with no disability or hearing loss

Roger Receivers

The available receivers are:

  • Mylink neckloop (works with Telecoil in hearing aid or cochlear implant processor) - can connect ear pieces or headphones if required

  • Hearing Aid Adaptor - clips onto hearing aid via a shoe (for hearing aids with direct input)

  • Cochlear Implant Processor Receivers/Adaptors - generally available in colour to match your processor

    • Cochlear - Nucleus 5 (N5), Nucleus 6 (N6) and Nucleus 7 (N7)

    • Med-El - Rondo, Opus 2, Sonnet

    • Advanced Bionics - Neptune, Naida CI Q

  • Roger Focus (looks like a miniature hearing aid, but is the Roger receiver)