Hear your Smartphone / Computer / Laptop with a Bluetooth Neckloop

Hear the conversation with both ears!


Use the Bluetooth Neckloop as a hands free device, for your hearing aids and or Cochlear implants, to communicate using your mobile phone, as well as to listen to audio on your mobile.

You can use it with your computer, laptop, iPad and tablet to listen to audio, as well as for two-way communication with using programs such as Skype.

Bluetooth Neckloop | Hearing Connections

The Bluetooth Neckloop is perfect for phone calls, Skype, Zoom and any other two-way communications + listen to your Music, YouTube & Podcast clips.


The Bluetooth Neckloop is suitable for users with:


  • one hearing aid

  • two hearing aids

  • one hearing aid and one Cochlear implant or BAHA

  • two Cochlear implants

  • BAHA

The Bluetooth Neckloop can be used in conjunction with the Vibio Bluetooth Bed Shaker. The Vibio can be used as an alerting system – it will let you know when your mobile phone is ringing and it can be used as an alarm clock.

Hearing Connections' Managing Director, Andrew Stewart was diagnosed as hearing impaired at age 5 and has a progressive hearing loss – he now wears two Nucleus 7 Cochlear implants.  Andrew has used the Bluetooth Neckloop for many years.

Bluetooth Neckloop

Bluetooth Neckloop | Hearing Connections
Bluetooth Neckloop | Hearing Connections
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  • Compatible with telecoil enabled hearing aids, Cochlear implants and Bluetooth mobile phones

  • Connects to mobiles and to computers, laptops, iPads and tablets via Bluetooth

  • Is light and easy to wear

  • Simply press the centre button to both answer a call as well as to hang up

  • Double press to redial last number

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Up to 8 hours talk time or up to 240 hours standby

  • Wireless connection up to 10 metres from mobile phone

  • USB charger included

Setup the Bluetooth Neckloop:


  • Pair with your mobile (via Bluetooth)

  • Connect with your hearing aids and or cochlear implants via the telecoil

To answer call with Bluetooth Neckloop:


  • Press centre button of neckloop

  • Switch your hearing/s and / or cochlear implants to telecoil

  • Speak and listen (no need to open your mobile phone, as the neckloop includes a microphone to pick up your voice and send to the other party)

Sleeping?  Know when your mobile phone is ringing:


The Vibio Bluetooth Bed Shaker can let you know your mobile phone is ringing (the Vibio can also be used as an alarm clock).

GST does not apply for this item.