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Works with Telecoil in hearing aid or cochlear implant processor – can connect ear pieces or headphones if required.

The most universal receiver, the Roger Neckloop can be used with any hearing aid or Cochlear implant that has a Telecoil program.

The Roger Neckloop is worn around the neck and connects to hearing aids and cochlear implant processors via their Telecoil program. Simply connect the Roger receiver with a Roger wireless microphone to bring industry-leading speech-in-noise performance to any person with a hearing loss.

The product may be used in conjunction with the Roger Charging Rack and the Associated Charging Adaptor products.



  • Allows the volume to both hearing aids or cochlear processors to be adjusted together on the Roger Neckloop

  • Headphones or Earbuds may also be connected to the Roger Neckloop

  • Both sides of the Roger Neckloop can be disconnected for ease of taking it on and off and can be replaced if damaged

  • Headphone socket, allowing the Roger Neckloop to be used for those without hearing aids, or tested by someone without hearing aids or Cochlear implants

  • Visible battery level indicator

  • Can be plugged into computer to record, or transmit over zoom, the signal from other Roger devices


GST does not apply for this item.

Roger Neckloop

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