Read what customers of Hearing Connections have to say about the products and services offered by Andrew and his team.

Fixed Hearing Loop at Church

I wanted to thank you for fixing the loop at my church.  It was obviously a tricky problem and I am very appreciative of all your hard work.  It was wonderful to have the loop working this morning.  The sound is crystal clear, strong and crisp - better than it has ever been and my family and I have been attending my Church for some 30 years!


THANK YOU so much for all your hard work and also for your persistence, it must have been a challenge to literally walk in off the street and start looking for the problem from scratch.  There have been a few "tinkerers" in the past but none had very much impact.


So, thank you again, as you would know having access to the loop makes an enormous difference to those of us who are hearing impaired.  What with masks and all the difficulties we have had of late, it is such a relief to be able to hear so clearly in my church.  I am looking forward to hearing you speak at Cicada in the future.

- Karen C, Mortdale 8/03/21

Brilliant Technology

Brilliant technology, allows me to sleep easier knowing it will wake me up if urgent calls or messages come through and then wake me each morning.

- Karen D, Newcastle 12/01/21

So Happy with the Service I Received

I am so happy with the service I received from Andrew at Hearing Connections. As both a hearing aid and cochlear implant wearer, deaf since birth and now in my 60’s, Andrew is a lifesaver when I need information.


All my questions (via email) are answered extremely promptly. Informative, clear explanations are given as to why a particular item will or will not be the correct one for me, and any suggestions for further improvement are put forward.


Andrew’s extensive knowledge of the products that he sells is exceptional. I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Andrew and his team. Thank you, Andrew, for giving me the confidence to know that what I order will be the best!

- Robyn, Lennox Head 24/9/2020

Thorough and Professional

My son uses cochlear implants to hear, and has been going well with this technology.  But Andrew assisted us to get a much higher level of technology working for my son. We organised appointments with Andrew through  Zoom sessions.


There were many situations where we had not worked out a better way of doing things. But Andrew was very thorough and came up with multiple solutions that we had not thought of or even heard of.  He also assisted my son to learn to use some of his equipment to a higher level e.g. changing sensitivity levels on his phone.

Andrew assisted us with working out how to get the TV streamer working, how to improve my sons hearing while bike riding and suggested lots of useful equipment that we had not considered.

Andrew was very professional, very smart and an awesome problem solver and assisted us to improve many things.

Andrew has been the most useful person that we have seen with our NDIS funding! I highly recommend him!

- Carolyn, Brisbane suburbs, 25/8/2020

Met my Individual Needs

Had a fantastic interaction with Hearing Connections. Andrew was able to visit on site, advised on which products would best cater to my individual needs, and most importantly, he was able to help navigate the NDIS program.

I cannot speak highly enough of his efficiency, understanding of the products and also how seamless the whole process was.

 - Alex, Mosman 20/8/2020