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Hearing Augmentation Signage

Hearing Connections can provide signs in both formats (Braille and Printed) for Hearing Loop, FM or Infrared system.

There is a legal requirement for hearing augmentation systems and signage for most public buildings.

Some examples include cinemas, community centres, schools, courts or theatres.

Hearing Augmentation Signage | Hearing Connections

Braille Signs

Braille signs are required at the entry to indicate the room or area has a hearing augmentation system (Hearing Loop, FM or Infrared system).

Printed Signs

Printed signs are required inside the room.

Sign requirements

All signs display the International Symbol for Deafness, and the appropriate wording – both as required by:


  • National Construction Codes / Building Code of Australia 2016 – D3.6

  • Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010 – D3.6

Both signs require the International Symbol for Deafness to be included.

The symbol must be white on blue, and the blue must be Ultramarine B21.

The NCC (National Construction Codes – previously called the Building Codes of Australia) have more information on what is required – specifically Section D3.6.

Hearing Augmentation Signage | Hearing Connections


* Some signs modify the above sign with a “T” – this is not compliant with the NCC requirements in Australia.

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