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Training, Mentoring & Coaching

Working with people experiencing Hearing Loss ...


There can be many challenges for people with hearing loss, just as there can be challenges for those caring for them.


Hearing Connections provides many types of training, both for the individual with hearing loss, their family and carers, and for professional work places.

Training, Mentoring and Coaching support options

Aged Care Staff Training - the benefits!

Cochlear Implant (CI) Rehabilitation

Hearing Coaching

Training, Mentoring and Coaching support options

Training, mentoring and coaching support provided by Hearing Connections includes:


Training options

Aged Care Staff Training

The training can be customised to your needs and includes a preliminary discussion to identify areas that may need a specific focus. Ideally all staff who interact with the clients will attend.

Topics covered:


  1. How to communicate better with hearing impaired and deaf clients.

  2. Technology to help with those who don’t have or won’t wear hearing aids.

  3. Looking after hearing aids and cochlear implants.

  4. How to tell which ear a hearing aid goes in.

  5. How to change batteries and simple problem solving.

  6. Q & A by a person with hearing loss.

Hearing Augmentation in Aged Care Facilities and Class 9C Buildings

Aged Care Staff Training – the benefits!

Happier residents with the ability to communicate

Staff who are confident with hearing aids & cochlear implants

Reduced hearing aid losses or malfunction

Run by a qualified hearing impaired expert

Assists with Accreditation

Certificate of Attainment issued

Held on your premises

Aged Care

Cochlear Implant (CI) Rehabilitation

The Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation process involves training the brain to understand new sounds. This is done by wearing only the new cochlear implant processor and having another person to read out words or sentences, the user then tries to guess, repeating out loud what they think they have heard.

Without the needed support it can be difficult if not impossible to get the best results out of a new cochlear implant.

Hearing Connections is able to provide this support and assist with the regular homework needed during this time.

Normally this service is provided, in your home, in one hour blocks.

Our Managing Director, Andrew Stewart, has been through the Cochlear implant process twice, seven years apart, and knows the frustration of those early days, as you get used to the new sounds. He has been hearing impaired since birth, with a progressive hearing loss, and was first fitted with hearing aids at age 7.

CI Rehabilitation
Hearing Coaching

Managing a hearing loss involves more than just wearing your hearing devices, it includes strategies, skills, awareness, and compassion. Hearing Coaching includes these elements as well as home assessments to ensure that you are making the most of your listening environments, through acoustics, lighting and assistive technology.

Hearing Connections is also able to assist with finding ways to make the most of your technology, showing the hidden features that are not always advertised by manufacturers. This includes communication with other family members to assist with their understanding of hearing loss, helping both sides to gain compassion for the difficulties the family is experiencing.


Hearing Coaching can also assist those struggling to manage their hearing loss in the workplace, providing skills and strategies for those not yet ready to ‘come out’ as hearing impaired.

Hearing Coaching is available for those with hearing devices and for those who do not feel that they are ready for hearing aids or cochlear implants yet. 

Hearing Coaching is carried out, in your home, in one hour blocks.

Hearing Coaching
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