Hearing Loop Hire 

In NSW and ACT

Hearing Connections offers a full hire package, whether for a day, for months or anything in between.

Hire includes onsite delivery, setup, pack up and return to Hearing Connections.

Hire options include:

Hearing Augmentation System

  • Hearing Loop System - clients sit inside the hearing loop, and switch their hearing aid or cochlear implant to the Telecoil setting.

  • FM System - each client wears a receiver with either a neckloop or headphones

Other options include:

  • Wireless microphones

  • Amplifier/Speakers for those without hearing loss.


Other States and Territories

​Hearing Connections can offer delivery and hire of the equipment  for you to setup and return to Hearing Connections.


This package includes detailed set up instructions, troubleshooting tips and on call support for the set up process.


Contact Us for a Quote

In your request please include:

  • Date equipment required

  • Start and finish time

  • Location of hire

  • Any preference for either hearing loop or FM system

  • Any other options required (microphones, amplified speakers etc)