Hear TV Better

with Telecoil on your Hearing Aid or Cochlear implant

Sennheiser with your Hearing Aid / Cochlear Implant

Do you have a telecoil on your hearing aid or cochlear implant?


Receiver with earbuds or neckloop has:


  • plenty of volume

  • hear from other rooms

  • recharges automatically when placed on the transmitter

  • provides peace for others in your household; and

  • the headset turns on and off automatically when you place it in the charger

The transmitter connects to an Audio out on the TV, either RCA or optical output.

Transmitter connects to TV

If you only have a Coaxial audio output (also called S/PDIF or SPDIF) you must purchase a coaxial adaptor and cable

HomeLoop System kit

(works with the Telecoil on your hearing aid or cochlear implant)           


The homeloop system is the best system for people who wear hearing aids and/or cochlear implants with telecoil (also called T-switch).

  • no need to wear an extra receiver

  • the hearing loop transmits directly to the Telecoil of your hearing aid or cochlear implant

  • no limit to the number of people who can listen - limited only by the size of your room!

  • provides peace for others in your household - because the TV won't be so loud!


Our Managing Director, and numerous members of his extended family (including his children), use these in their homes.

Just sit anywhere inside the loop cable, and switch onto the telecoil - no receivers, awesome clarity!

The kit includes

  • Home loop amplifier

  • Loop Cable

  • Clips for the cable

  • connection kit

The Home loop amplifier connects to an Audio out on the TV (RCA connector).

If you have an optical output (also called TOSLink), you must purchase an optical converter and optical cable.

If you have a Coaxial output (also called S/PDIF or SPDIF), you must purchase a coaxial converter and cable.