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The Roger Touchscreen Microphone is one of the most flexible. With 3 modes and 3 built-in microphones for small group, pointing and lanyard use, the Roger Touchscreen Microphone reduces background noise in all modes using 3 microphones, rather than two. This means it is able to reduce more noise in small group mode than the Mini-Mic 2+ for Cochlear N5, N6 and N7.


Ideal for classrooms with a large, easy to find mute button which flashes red when muted so the the onus is not always on the hearing impaired person in the room to speak up.

Can be used with the Roger SoundField so that everyone benefits from a clearer sound.

To use the Roger Touchscreen Microphone, pair it with any of our Roger receivers* including:

*  Note – Some receivers sold (code number 03) are not compatible with the Roger Touchscreen Microphone. All receivers sold by Hearing Connections are compatible but if using your own receiver, please check that it is an (02) receiver before purchasing.


GST does not apply for this item.

Roger Touchscreen Microphone

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