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We're Coming to the Deaf Festival!

Come and meet us at the Sydney Deaf Festival at Cathy Freeman Park on the 25th of August.

Drop in for a chat, ask questions, or test out a product you've been interested in. Andrew and Bec will be on the stall all day, and one of Andrew's nieces, Heather, an OT, will be helping out too.

We will have on display a range of alarms and alerts, and we will have our own Roger microphones too. If there is a specific product you would like to test out please email us at and we will make sure it is available on the day.

While we won't have an Auslan interpreter available for our stall, we are confident that with a bit of patience and flexibility, we can make communication work with you through a combination of Auslan, gestures, pen and paper, and written English.

Bec wears a hearing aid and a cochlear implant and is actively learning Auslan with MyAuslan tutoring and has previously participated in the Cert II at Deaf Connect. Andrew uses two cochlear implants and has had Auslan in the Home classes through Deaf Connect. Heather uses two hearing aids and is participating in two weekly Auslan classes with Deaf Connect and MyAuslan.

More information on the Deaf Festival including other stallholders and events can be found at

We look forward to seeing you there!

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