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Hi-Fi and sound enthusiasts – this model is just for you!


The Sennheiser RS195 Headphones do a great job helping those with hearing loss listen to audio from televisions and stereos without wires.

Especially designed for Hi-Fi enthusiasts!

The transmitter connects to an Audio Out on the TV – this may be either an optical output (Toslink or S/PDIF) or an RCA connector labelled Audio Out.

If you have a Coaxial audio output (also called S/PDIF or SPDIF), you will need to purchase a Coaxial Adaptor.



  • Up to 100 metres range

  • Music listening mode which reproduces music with an increased dynamic range

  • Adjustable Balance control for right / left volume adjustment

  • Enclosed headphones with excellent digital wireless audio transmission

  • Selectable noise suppression mode for superior speech intelligibility

  • Selectable hearing boost presets to optimize your sound experience (7 hearing profiles)

  • Extremely comfortable ear pads and headband cushions, with adjustable headband

  • Transmitter also functions as easy-charge docking station

  • Operating time up to 18 hours

Sennheiser RS195-U Headphones

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