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The ability to reduce background noise and so get a clearer understanding of what is being said to the listener is of particular value to those with the APD condition.

Roger Focus II-312, although not a hearing aid as such, is an easy-to-use personal hearing aid style device that sends the speaker's voice directly into the wearer's ear/s whilst reducing background noise and distraction by emphasizing voice-specific frequencies.

This kit is particularly useful in a classroom situation, especially when used with a Roger Soundfield.



  • Reduces distracting noise

  • Improves speech understanding by an average of 53%

  • Is a lightweight, discreet behind-the-ear receiver, appropriate for ages 3+

  • Has a volume control

  • Is water and dust resistant (IP57)

  • Uses disposable batteries with a tamper proof battery door


There is also an option to include "Left ear" or "Right ear".


Only 2 colours are available – Silver Grey,  Velvet Black

All receivers sold by Hearing Connections are the 02 model and can connect with all Phonak Roger transmitters.

GST does not apply for this item.

Kit - Roger Focus II-312 PLUS Touchscreen Microphone

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