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The Bellman Watch combines discreet vibrations with clear Visit notifications – all in a sleek and light-weight design. It lasts up to one week on a single charge and has 
an impressive range of up to 200 metres, open field. So, most of the time you should be within reach.


It is made of materials that withstand wear and tear, are kind to the skin and very comfortable to wear.

It is includes a Do not disturb and a Call for attention-function. Also, if you hold down the Back key, the Visit receivers around your home will sound, flash or vibrate to notify others.



  • Discreet vibrations - silent and non-intrusive
  • Clear signal identification - Dynamic symbols and vibration patterns
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to customise - exchangeable wrist bands and watch faces
  • Operating time - up to one week on a single charge


GST does not apply to this item.

Bellman Visit Watch

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