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MaxiPro is a complete listening solution that connects your smartphone, tablet and even TV, so you can enjoy your favorite show and chat with your friends or family without having to leave the couch.

The Bellman MaxiPro is great both for:

  • listening to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth

  • hospitals and aged care facilities for people who have lost or damaged hearing aids

It is also excellent for people who find hearing aids are too small to use.

Comes with Neckloop.

The Bluetooth integrated in the MaxiPro can link with your smartphone, iPad, tablet or computer for two-way communication. However, to use this feature, the Headphones with Inline Microphone or Earbuds with Inline Microphone needs to be ordered separately.


GST does not apply for this item.

Bellman MaxiPro, Bluetooth – with Neckloop

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