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When used with the Roger Select, the Roger Focus II is an easy-to-use product that sends sound directly into your ears (Note that the Roger Focus II is NOT a hearing aid and will not work by itself).


This kit provides a flexible assistive listening solution that can be used in groups, meetings or 1:1 situations.



  • Reduces distracting noise

  • Improves speech understanding by an average of 53%

  • Is a lightweight, discreet behind-the-ear receiver, appropriate for ages 3+

  • Has a volume control

  • Is water and dust resistant (IP57)

  • Uses a rechargeable battery

  • Includes charger


There is also an option to include "Left ear" or "Right ear".


Choose from 10 colours – Electric Green, Blue Ocean, Silver Grey, Caribbean Pirate, Lava Red, Majesty Purple, Alpine White, Precious Pink, Velvet Black, Beige

All receivers sold by Hearing Connections are the 02 model and can connect with all Phonak Roger transmitters.

GST does not apply for this item.

Kit - Roger Focus II PLUS Roger Select

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