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The Bridge connects the other Bellman Visit Transmitters with to the Bellman Watch to allow for alerting all around your home.


For example, if your doorbell rings, the Visit door transmitter is activated and signals your Bellman Watch. Your Bellman Watch alerts you with vibrations and shows you what’s going on.


Features - Watch

  • Discreet vibrations - silent and non-intrusive
  • Clear signal identification - Dynamic symbols and vibration patterns
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to customise - exchangeable wrist bands and watch faces
  • Operating time - up to one week on a single charge


Features - Bridge

  • an external trigger input
  • an RJ11 telephone input
  • a relay output for connection to an external source such as another transceiver
  • Bluetooth powered - up to 200m coverage open field
  • App controlled - can be Apple or Android


GST does not apply to this item.

Bellman Visit Watch and Bridge

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