Hearing Coaching

Managing a hearing loss involves more than just wearing your hearing devices, it includes strategies, skills, awareness, and compassion. Hearing Coaching includes these elements as well as home assessments to ensure that you are making the most of your listening environments, through acoustics, lighting and assistive technology.


Hearing Connections is also able to assist with finding ways to make the most of your technology, showing the hidden features that are not always advertised by manufacturers. This includes communication with other family members to assist with their understanding of hearing loss, helping both sides to gain compassion for the difficulties the family is experiencing. Hearing Coaching can also assist those struggling to manage their hearing loss in the workplace, providing skills and strategies for those not yet ready to ‘come out’ as hearing impaired


Hearing Coaching is available for those with hearing devices and for those who do not feel that they are ready for hearing aids or cochlear implants yet.  .

Hearing Coaching is carried out in your home, in one hour blocks.