Roger and Personal Microphones

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Phonak Roger FM Wireless System

The Roger systems are personal communication systems, allowing the person with hearing loss to hear someone speaking clearer than if that person is standing right next to them. 

In background noise, the Roger system significantly improves the signal to noise ration. In other words, reduces the level of background noise.



The available transmitters are:

  • Roger Pen (includes Bluetooth for your mobile phone)

  • Easy Pen (can only be used in automatic mode)

  • Roger Clip-on microphone

  • Roger Select (designed for small groups or can be worn)

  • Roger Table microphone 2

  • Roger Touchscreen microphone

  • Roger Focus (looks like a miniature hearing aid, but is the Roger receiver)


The available receivers are:

  • Mylink neckloop (works with Telecoil in hearing aid or cochlear implant processor) - can connect ear pieces or headphones if required

  • Hearing Aid Adaptor - clips onto hearing aid via a shoe (for hearing aids with direct input)

  • Cochlear Implant Processor Receivers/Adaptors - generally available in colour to match your processor

    • Cochlear - Nucleus 5 (N5), Nucleus 6 (N6) and Nucleus 7 (N7)

    • Med-El - Rondo, Opus 2, Sonnet

    • Advanced Bionics - Neptune, Naida CI Q

  • Roger Focus (looks like a miniature hearing aid, but is the Roger receiver)

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