Older man wearing Bluetooth neckloop
Bluetooth Necklopp - light easy to wear every day
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Easy to use - press centre button answer and to hang up a call.
Bluetooth Neckloop closeup
Simple and easy to use
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Mobile Phone Bluetooth Neckloop

Hear the conversation with BOTH ears!

Use with your mobile phone and with your computer.

Use this neckloop as a hands free device for your hearing aids and or cochlear implants, to communicate using your mobile phone, as well as to listen to audio on your mobile.


You can use it with your computer to listen to audio, as well as for two way communication with using programs such as Skype.

Suitable for users with

  • one hearing aid

  • two hearing aids

  • one hearing aid and one cochlear implant or BAHA

  • two cochlear implants

  • BAHA










Price $173 Bluetooth Neckloop


Our Managing Director, Andrew Stewart, has used this product for years.

To setup

  • Pair with your mobile (via Bluetooth)

  • Connect with your hearing aids and or cochlear implants via the telecoil.


To answer call

  • Press centre button of neckloop

  • Switch your hearing/s and/or cochlear implants to telecoil

  • Speak and listen (no need to open your mobile phone, as the neckloop includes a microphone to pick up your voice and send to the other party).

Notti - Mobile Phone Alert (and Mood Lighting)

Different colour alert for every App!

Know when you get a message or call.

Use thie Notti to let you know when you get a notification from messenger, SMS (Text message), Whats App and heaps of others.

Download the App on your phone (Free)

nd use it for mood lighting as well - Awesome!!!


Price $84

3 Notti's - Aqua, Pink and Orange
Change the colour to suit your mood
White Notti as it comes out of box
Notti straight out of the box
Appon phone to alter notifications
Choose on your phone which colours light up according to which app sets it of.
e.g. purple for Messenger, blue for SMS etc
Notti lit up in pink with Mobile app
Notti with the App
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Bellman Visit

Alarm and Alerting system


The Bellman Visit system allows all transmitters to alert all receivers.

So, if I have two smoke detectors and an alarm clock, if either or both smoke detectors activate, the alarm clock will flash and the bed shaker (attached to the alarm clock) will vibrate.

The available transmitters are:

Smoke detector

Push button (for front door, or as a pendant button worn around the neck)


Baby monitor

Doorbell (acoustically activated for existing doorbells or intercoms, or other sound alerting devices)

The available receivers are:

Vibrating pager


Alarm clock, (including bed shaker)

Loud ringer (portable)

Accessories include

mobile phone sensor (attaches to alarm clock)

floor mat sensor (attaches to the doorbell transmitter)

external microphone (attaches to the doorbell transmitter)

Bellman Visit - Kits and Packages

Smoke detector & Flash kit $604
Smoke detector & Flash kit
Smoke Detector
Flash with backup rechargeable battery
Smoke Detector & AlarmClock kit $674
Smoke detector & Alarm clock kit
Smoke detector
Alarm clock
Push button, loud ringer kit $383
Door push button & loud ringer
Door push button (also used as a personal call button)
Loud ringer
Push button & Flash kit $434
Push button & Flash kit
Push button for front door or as a personal alert
Flash receiver with backup rechargeable battery in case of power failure
Baby monitor & pager kit $784
Baby monitor & pager kit
Baby monitor transmitter
Pager receiver
Pager charger
Bed shaker (attaches to pager charger)
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Bellman Visit - Transmitters, Receivers and accessories

Smoke detector transmitter $309
Smoke detector transmitter
$309 with Lithium battery (up to 10 year life)
$289 standard battery.
Push Button Transmitter $169
Push Button Transmitter
May be used as a front doorbell button, or placed around the neck for someone who is immobile to call for assistance.
Telephone transmitter $169
Telephone transmitter $169
Baby monitor transmitter $239
Baby monitor transmitter
Door transmitter $169
Door transmitter for existing doorbells.
Place next to the ringer of the existing doorbell, and this unit detects the sound and sends a signal to the receivers.
Flash receiver $279
Flash Receiver
Comes with Bed shaker, and the indicator lights to show which transmitter activated it.
The mobile phone sensor can also be attached to the alarm clock.
Alarm clock receiver $379
Alarm clock receiver.
Comes with Bed shaker, and the indicator lights to show which transmitter activated it.
The mobile phone sensor can also be attached to the alarm clock.
Alarm clock Receiver $379
Alarm clock receiver.
Comes with Bed shaker, and the indicator lights to show which transmitter activated it.
The mobile phone sensor can also be attached to the alarm clock.
Bedshaker included with Alarm/Flash
Bedshaker, included with the alarm clock and the flash.
May be purchased separately $49
Portable Loud receiver $239
Portable Loud receiver.
Have multiple units around the home for hearing or hearing impaired users, or just one.
Pager receiver $389
Pager receiver
Vibrates when it receives a signal.
The indicator lights to show which device activated it.
"AAA" Battery
Pager charger $139
Pager Charger
Must be ordered separately
Includes rechargeable battery for pager.
Mobile Phone Sensor $77
Mobile Phone Sensor
Attaches to the alarm clock or the Flash receiver.
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​Click on the pictures for more information and prices


Phonak Roger FM Wireless System

The Roger systems are personal communication systems, allowing the person with hearing loss to hear someone speaking clearer than if that person is standing right next to them. 

In background noise, the Roger system significantly improves the signal to noise ration. In other words, reduces the level of background noise.


The available transmitters are:


Roger Pen (includes Bluetooth for your mobile phone)

Easy Pen (can only be used in automatic mode)

Roger Clip on mic

Roger Select (designed for small groups or can be worn)

Roger Table mic 2

Roger Focus (looks like a miniature hearing aid, but is the Roger receiver)

The available receivers are:


Mylink neckloop (works with Telecoil in hearing aid or cochlear implant processor) (can connect ear pieces or headphones if required)

Hearing Aid Adaptor - clips onto hearing aid via a shoe (for hearing aids with direct input)

Cochlear Implant Processor Receivers/Adaptors - generally available in colour to match your processor

Cochlear - Nucleus 5 (N5), Nucleus 6 (N6) and Nucleus 7 (N7)

Med-El - Rondo, Opus 2, Sonnet

Advanced Bionics - Neptune, Naida CI Q

Roger Pen
Has both automatic mode and manual mode,
as well as Bluetooth to use with your phone.
Chose any of the three colours.
Roger Easy Pen
Has automatic mode only.
Roger Clip on Microphone
Roger Select
Choose any combination of 6 directions to focus on what you want to hear.
And when worn, it automatically focuses on the wearer's voice.
Choose from the three colours.
Roger Table Microphone 2
Place in the centre of the table, with automatic focus on whoever is talking.
Roger Touchscreen Microphone
Has three modes and 3 built in microphones for small group, pointing and lanyard use.
Better directionality in small group mode than the Roger Pen
Roger Education Kit
Three microphone, charger and multimedia hub.
No receivers included.
Roger MyLink Receiver
Roger MyLink Receiver is worn around the neck, and connects to hearing aids and cochlear implant processors via their Telecoil program.
Roger Focus
This is an ear level receiver, designed to look like a miniature hearing aid.
Roger Receiver for N7
Connect between the Cochlear N7 processor and its battery.
Colours available to match processor.
Roger Receiver for Nucleus 5 and 6
Connect to the direct input port of the Cochlear N5 or N6 processor.
Colours available to match processor.
Roger Receiver for Med-El Sonnet
Roger Receiver for Med-El Sonnet.
Colours available to match the processor.
Roger Receiver for Naída CI Q
Roger Receiver for Med-El Naída CI Q
Roger X
This receiver clips onto the MiniMic 2+ and other devices.
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