Hear your Mobile Phone / Computer / Laptop

with a Bluetooth Neckloop

Hear the conversation with BOTH ears!

Use with your mobile phone and with your computer.

Listen to your Music, Youtube, Podcast clips.

Two way conversations for phone calls, Skype, Zoom and any other two communications.

Use this neckloop as a hands free device for your hearing aids and or cochlear implants, to communicate using your mobile phone, as well as to listen to audio on your mobile.


You can use it with your computer to listen to audio, as well as for two way communication with using programs such as Skype.

Suitable for users with

  • one hearing aid

  • two hearing aids

  • one hearing aid and one cochlear implant or BAHA

  • two cochlear implants

  • BAHA


Our Managing Director, Andrew Stewart, has used

this product for years.


​​To setup

  • Pair with your mobile (via Bluetooth)

  • Connect with your hearing aids and or cochlear implants via the telecoil.

To answer call

  • Press centre button of neckloop

  • Switch your hearing/s and/or cochlear implants to telecoil

  • Speak and listen (no need to open your mobile phone, as the neckloop includes a microphone to pick up your voice and send to the other party).

Bluetooth Neckloop

Bluetooth Neckloop


VIBIO - an alerting system

  • know when your mobile phone is ringing

  • use as an alarm clock


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