Hearing Loop Receiver / Listener / Tester

Hear what a hearing aid or cochlear implant user will hear!


A must have device for all locations with a Hearing Augmentation System to ensure it is always running smoothly. This loop tester allows you to listen and test the loop system, without hearing aids or cochlear implants.


All Hearing Augmentation Systems should be tested routinely every 6 months to prevent any complaints or compliance breaches.


  • Two functions in one device

  • Test your Hearing Loop by listening to it!

  • Use a Hearing Loop without hearing aids

  • Yellow/green LED indicates proper function of the loop

  • Plenty of volume for people with hearing loss, without needing hearing aids


  • Hearing Loop Listener

  • Hearing Loop Tester

  • Battery Powered (batteries included)

  • Built-in speaker

  • Headphones included

  • Volume & tone control (bass cut)

  • One hand grip, easy access to controls

  • Practical, easy-to-open textile neck strap

Hearing Connections provides a hearing loop listener with hearing loops installed by Hearing Connections.

Price: $234

  • Discounts for multiple purchases

Loop receiver 3.jpg