Hearing Loop Receiver / Listener / Tester

Hear what a hearing aid or cochlear implant user will hear!


This loop tester allows you to listen and test the loop system, without hearing aids
or cochlear implants.



  • Two functions in one device

  • Test your Hearing Loop by listening to it!

  • Use a Hearing Loop without hearing aids

  • Yellow/green LED indicates proper function of the loop

  • Plenty of volume for people with hearing loss, without needing hearing aids


  • Hearing Loop Listener

  • Hearing Loop Tester

  • Battery Powered (batteries included)

  • Built-in speaker

  • Headphones included

  • Volume & tone control (bass cut)

  • One hand grip, easy access to controls

  • Practical, easy-to-open textile neck strap

Price: $223

  • Discounts for multiple purchases


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NDIS: 4050070646

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