Hear TV Better

Is the TV too loud for those around you?

Sennheiser Listening


Sennheiser has been producing specialised hearing devices for the TV for over 30 years.

Numerous versions are available giving longer battery life, embedded programs to hear more clearly, and greater range.

  • plenty of volume

  • balance adjustment between left and right ears

  • hear from other rooms

  • recharges automatically when placed on the transmitter

  • provides peace for others in your household; and

  • the headset turns on and off automatically

Connecting to your TV

  • The transmitter connects to an Audio out on the TV

  • If you have an optical output (also called TOSLink), you must use the second model, or purchase an optical converter and cable for an additional $80

  • If you only have a Coaxial audio output (also called S/PDIF or SPDIF) you must purchase a coaxial adaptor and lead, regardless of which model you choose.

Transmitter connects to TV

MaxiPro - comes with your choice of:

  • Headphones

  • Earbuds

  • Stetoclip