Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

The Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation process involves training the brain to understand new sounds. This is done by wearing only the new cochlear implant processor and having another person to read out words or sentences, the user then tries to guess, repeating out loud what they think they have heard.


Our Managing Director, Andrew Stewart, has been through this twice, aas he has two cochlear implants.


Without the needed support it can be difficult if not impossible to get the best results out of a new cochlear implant.

Hearing Connections is able to provide this support and assist with the regular homework needed during this time.

Normally this service is provided in your home in one hour blocks.

Andrew has been through this process twice, seven years apart, and knows the frustration of those early days, as you get used to the new sounds.

He has been hearing impaired since birth, with a progressive hearing loss, and was first fitted with hearing aids at age 7.