Bellman Visit - Alarm and Alerting Systems


The Bellman Visit system allows all transmitters to alert all receivers.

So, if I have two smoke detectors and an alarm clock, if either or both smoke detectors activate, the alarm clock will flash and the bed shaker (attached to the alarm clock) will vibrate.

The available transmitters are:

  • Smoke detector

  • Push button (for front door, or as a pendant button worn around the neck)

  • Telephone

  • Baby monitor

  • Doorbell (acoustically activated for existing doorbells or intercoms, or other sound alerting devices)

The available receivers are:

  • Vibrating pager

  • Flash

  • Alarm clock, (including bed shaker)

  • Loud ringer (portable)

Accessories include

mobile phone sensor (attaches to alarm clock)

floor mat sensor (attaches to the doorbell transmitter)

external microphone (attaches to the doorbell transmitter)

Bellman Visit - Kits and Packages

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Bellman Visit - Transmitters, Receivers and accessories

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