Aged Care Staff Training

Working with People Experiencing Hearing Loss
There can be many challenges for people with hearing loss, just as there can be challenges for those caring for them

Topics Covered

  1. How to communicate better with hearing impaired and deaf clients

  2. Technology to help with those who don’t have or won’t wear hearing aids.

  3. Looking after hearing aids and cochlear implants

  4. How to tell which ear a hearing aid goes in

  5. How to change batteries and simple problem solving

  6. Q & A by a person with hearing loss

The Benefits

  • Happier residents with the ability to communicate

  • Staff who are confident with hearing aids & cochlear implants

  • Reduced hearing aid losses or malfunction

  • Run by a qualified hearing impaired expert

  • Assists with Accreditation

  • Certificate of attainment issued

  • Held on your premises

The training can be customised to your needs and includes a preliminary discussion to identify areas that may need a specific focus. Ideally all staff who interact with the clients will attend.